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OK... so you have decided to Read On....  Thanks for being Patient ..

I'm not going to go into the finer details of Geocaching... there are loads of resources here on the Web that are more than
capable of explaining the Hobby.

What I will do is tell you How I came into the Hobby...
and what I now Use.. The "Tools" etc

How I found out about Geocaching

On a cold October day in 2009 I was approached by a customer at work who asked me
"Do you know what geocaching is ?"
My reply was "No, Sorry, .....   "

That customer had just purchased a Standard British Army Ammo Box to use as a Cache container.

He proceed to explain what geocaching was... and asked "can I place a Cache HERE ?"...  (at my Place of work)

A few days later he returned with the said Cache... and after a short discussion placed it at the agreed location.

You may not see all the info unless you register on the web site... but it should give you an idea of the basics.

That customer has become a firm friend over the past few months and uses the name
Northking in the Hobby.

We all have "user names"....  Mine is  "TWO ANCHORS"
yes.. I know the what happens if you say it quickly !
(There are TWO of us who usually go Caching together... the reason for the TWO !!)

I am no longer employed following my wife suffering a massive stroke in 2012... Im now her full time carer.

And... my Geocaching Buddy Ian.. the other half of the Two Anchors is sadly no longer with us.
He battled Cancer but lost the fight in May 2014.

These days (August 2014) I still get out caching when I can and have teamed up with our Geocaching Buddy John (aka Blid435) who used to join Ian
and I on our caching trips "in the old days"

Our Current Statistics

Profile for TWO ANCHORS 

Click on the Statistic Graphic above to visit our Profile Page on
the Global Geocaching Website


What I use... The "Tools"

At first I used a Magellan 315 handheld GPS which is ex British Army.
Perfectly useable and it "did the job"

After a few months I realised I was "Hooked" and wanted something a little more suited to the Modern technology and web facilities
used in the Hobby.
Modern, full facility, colour display handheld GPS devices with PC linking cost upwards of 200 here in the UK... but I was ready
for a new Mobile Phone... and after checking with some other Cachers who used their Mobile as a GPS I chose the

Then I got hold of a HTC Desire Smart Fone... running Andriod.
The Android OS meant there were many more apps available for Geocaching.

In early 2011 I purchased a Garmin Dakota 20 GPS unit.
I dont use it very often... in fact I only use it where there is heavy foliage cover or poor satellite reception...
then its added sensitivity make it invaluable.

These days I use a Samsung Galaxy 4 mini running the official Geocaching app and C:Geo which are available from the Play Store.

I also have a shoulder bag (Old Laptop Case actually) to hold pens, paper and some "swaps" for cahces
and a Telescopic Walking Stick... or Hiking Stick to help with the occasional muddy track, uneven slope etc.
It's also great for holding nettles and brambles back out of the way while I search !


We have Placed some caches ourselves.... 26 to date
for those who are interested in visiting them the details can be found on

You will have to register to see the actual details and coordinates but it's FREE to register... and is Spam Free

Some of our Caches
3+3 and 3       GC291RB
TWO GATES        GC291VY

As I write this in April 2012 we have 21 caches out there...  just check TWO ANCHORS on or zoom the map around J27 / 28 of the M1

You are also welcome to visit the web site of Jeff... aka Northking... the Chap that introduced me to Geocaching

If you are Interested in geocaching and would like some more information
please feel free to email me using the link below.


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..and for those fellow Cachers who visit these pages
Our Current Stats follow:

We are Rob and Ian... we can both be found at Anchor Supplies Ltd in Nottingham UK.
Check out Nuts in Notts #9 (The Final) if you want to meet us in person.
Both of us are Radio Amateurs and had seperate GC Id's.. G4ROB and Petomaine.
We soon realised we were working as a Two man team so we joined forces and became The TWO ANCHORS. (Dont say it too quickly... )
Ian lives at Hucknall close to Junction 26 of the M1 I live at Selston, around 5 miles from Ian in Central Nottinghamshire...
close to Junction 27 of the M1 Due to me working 6 days a week we normally only manage to get Caching on Sundays.
Thanks for checking us out.... Rob and Ian G4ROB and 2E0GIS








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